January 31 2023 AUTHOR: grapat


Up to now, we have been exploring the connection between children and nature, but we work at the service of childhood at large, and our duty is to make the whole wide world a better place. That’s why this year we decided to take it to the city, to imagine a place where children are welcome with open arms… A happy place!

The campaign was shot las September in Brescia, Italy, with Giuli&Giordi behind the lens and teaming up with local families and their children, our open-ended-play superstars!

We knew that the task would not be an easy one, in fact the city revealed itself not to be the happiest place to be around with children playing in freedom. And it’s not because of children, since they were simply being children, but because the city demands them to stop playing because of all the risks and dangers behind every corner, the little patience of some citizens and the impossibility to reach things that are built at the height of grown-ups. The bottom line is that cities are not built for children, yet children happen to live in cities too…

Luckily, we were a pretty big crew and there were always adults around every corner to make sure that the safety of the kids was always the main point, while letting them play in true freedom without being interrupted.

Despite the concerns, a few jumps, and many more laughs, the shoot itself gave us a lot to think to think about and helped us to create the discourse we wanted to put out into the world, with a more assertive tone around how we live and to claim how much more inclusive and safe cities need to be in order to really be a happy place for everyone, including our children.

You can download and read the campaign book here: LINK

Thanks for joining us in making every city a happy place. Kids, take the city!