The following conditions regulate the information and the use permitted of the website with URL (from now on “the Web”), that JOGUINES GRAPAT, S.L. onwards THE SOCIETY, with social domicile at street Colón, 75 CP: 17761 Cabanes-Girona with CIF B55290415, and inscribed at Girona’s Mercantile Registry with number of inscription GI-62030, tome 3142, sheet 142, of chord with the Law 34/2002, of 11 of July, of Kicks of the Society of the Information and of Electronic Trade, pose at the willingness of the users of Internet. The Web has been created and designed with the purpose to announce all the information and news relative at the products that distributes this SOCIETY.



These general conditions have for object regulate the fit and the utilization of the Web that the SOCIETY poses free of charge at the general willingness of the users of Internet, except at the relative at the cost of the connection through the mesh of telecoms supplied by the supplier of fit hired by the user of Internet. The fit at the Web and the navigation for the same implies the acceptance, without reservation, of all the conditions included at this document.



The user of Internet obliges at making a correct use of the Web in compliance with the Spanish legislation and valid European and with the conditions included at this document. The user of Internet will respond in front of the SOCIETY or of other third, for any harm and/or damage that could cause as a consequence of the non-compliance of these debentures. It stays expressly prohibited the use of the Web with harmful purposes of sakes or interests of the SOCIETY or of other third or that of any one other form overburden, damage or disable the meshes, servers and other computer squads (hardware) or products and computer apps (software) of the SOCIETY or of other third. The SOCIETY reserves the faculty to effect, anytime and without necessity of previous notice, modifications and updates of the information contained at the Web, of the configuration and presentation of this and of the Instructions for use. The provision of the kick of the Web has a length limited at the moment at which the user of Internet find connected at the same or at any of the kicks that through this facilitate . Therefore it recommends that the users of Internet read attentive and thoroughly these Instructions for use at each of the occasions at what propose enter and make use of the Web, since these can be subject at modifications. The SOCIETY does not guarantee the nonexistence of stoppages or errors at the fit at the Web or at his content, or that this find updated. The SOCIETY will carry out, always that it do not imply causes that make it impossible or of difficult execution, and as soon have news of the errors, disconnections or fault of update at the contents, all those necessary tasks to resolve the errors, reinstate the communication and update the contents. So much the fit at the Web how the unauthorized use that can effect of the information contained at the same is exclusive responsibility of who realizes it. The SOCIETY will not respond of any consequence, harm or damage that could derive of this fit or use. The SOCIETY does not make manager of the errors of security, that can produce or of the harms that can produce at the computer system of the user of Internet (hardware and software), or at the files or documents stored at the same, as a consequence: of the presence of a malware at the computer of the user of Internet that was utilized for the connection at the contents of the Web, of a malfunction of the browser or of the use of versions no updated of the browser. The SOCIETY does not assume any derivative responsibility of the contents linked since the Web, always that they are extraneous at the same, or guarantees the absence of malware or other elements at the same that can produce alterations at the computer system (hardware and software), at the documents or at the files of the user of Internet, excluding any responsibility for the harms of any type caused for this reason. If any user of Internet considered that the content or the kicks loaned by the places webs linked are illicit or injure sakes or royalties of the own user of Internet or of a third susceptible of compensation and that in particular, consist at: • activities or contents that rape royalties of property intellectual or industrial, • activities or contents that pose in danger the protection of the public health, the with regard to the dignity of the person and at the principle of no discrimination and the protection of the health and the infancy, will have to notify it, with the observations or illicit observed by the same.



If an user of Internet considers that they exist facts or circumstances that reveal the nature illicit of the utilization of any content and/or of the realization of any activity at the Web, and in particular, of the rape of royalties of property intellectual or industrial (patents, models and industrial drawings, marks and trading names, etc.) or other royalties, will have to route a notification at the SOCIETY with the following content: • data of the person or entity that makes the claim: name, address, telephone and address of e-mail, • description of the supposed activity illicit carried out at the Web and, in particular, when treat of a supposed rape of royalties, the precise and concrete indication of the contents protected as well as of his localization at the Web, • facts or circumstances that reveal the nature illicit of this activity, • at the supposition of rape of royalties, handwritten or equivalent signature, with the personal data of the titular of the royalties reputedly infringes or of the person authorized to act at name and for bead of this, • statement expresses, clear and under the responsibility of the person or entity that makes the claim that the proportionate information at the notification is exact and of the nature illicit of the utilization of the contents or of the realization of the activities described. SOCIETY Contact Data The following information is made available to Internet users in order to address their requests, questions and complaints: Name: JOGUINES GRAPAT, S.L. Postal address: C/ Colón,75; CP 17761,Cabanes-Girona Mail: Telephone: 972 509 173



With general nature the fit at the Web does not demand the previous subscription or registry of the users of Internet. All the information that facilitate the user of Internet by means of the forms of data of the Web will have to be truthful and this has to guarantee the authenticity of all those data that has facilitated at The SOCIETY for this mode. Of the same form, will be responsibility of the user of Internet maintain all the information facilitated at the permanently updated SOCIETY so that it respond, at each moment, at the real situation of the user of Internet. In any event the user of Internet will be the only manager of the dud or inaccurate information that realize and of the damages that can cause at the SOCIETY or at third for the information facilitated.



The SOCIETY has of profiles at distinct social meshes, therefore we have to caution at the user that all those data that publish at these profiles will be viewed by all those users that interaction or consult with these profiles, have these or no his own profile at the social mesh, since all the profiles of the SOCIETY are public. As a consequence, all the information and contents published by the user at the profiles of the SOCIETY will be object of communication at the rest of users for the own nature of the kick. We recommend him that it consult the Politicians of Privacy of the social meshes before utilizing these kicks. At the case that the user route information of any type at the SOCIETY, especially at the case of data of third, through the social meshes, this declares and guarantees that it is legitimated to route this information and that no infringes any law of property intellectual, of mark, of patent, trading secret, or any one other law of third, that the information does not have confidential nature and that it does not damage or offends at third. The SOCIETY only manager and guarantees the confidentiality, security and treatment of the data conform the valid legislation, with regard to the data collected directly of the user, not having any type of responsibility with regard to the treatments and posterior uses that the social mesh could effect.



The establishment of a link at the Web, implies the existence of past or present accounts among the SOCIETY and the owner of the website where establish , does not imply for part of the SOCIETY or the acceptance or the approval of his contents or kicks. It stays expressly prohibited any one other use of the contents of the Web, in favour of third unauthorized. The SOCIETY does not assume any responsibility for the information contained at webs of third at which can access for links or seekers since the Web.



The royalties of property intellectual, so much of the products how now of the elements that compos this Web are titular of The SOCIETY at who corresponds the exclusive exercise of the royalties of exploitation that include the reproduction, the distribution, the public communication and the transformation. At title announced these royalties include the software, the code font, the graphic design, the structure of navigation, the databases, the texts, the photographs and footage, in general all the contents and elements that contains and the products offered. In the same way, the marks, trading names or distinctive signs are exclusive titular of the SOCIETY or if it is needed, of other third, shot that specify the opposite. The SOCIETY is titular of the royalties of property intellectual that reference at his products and kicks, with regard to the dates of third. It stays expressly prohibited the cession of the royalties of property intellectual on the Web. At concrete, is prohibited the reproduction, transformation, distribution, public communication, pose at willingness, extraction, reuse, or the utilization of any nature, for any mode or procedure, of any one of them, except at the cases that was legally permitted, that is to say authorized for the titular of the corresponding royalties. The unauthorized utilization of the information contained at the Web, his resale, as well as the lesion of the royalties of Property Intellectual of the SOCIETY will give place at the legally established responsibilities. The users of Internet will have to respect all the royalties of property intellectual and industrial on the Web. Nevertheless, the users of Internet will be able to visualize and obtain a temporal private copy of the contents for his personal exclusive use and deprived at his computer systems (software and hardware), always that it was not with the purpose to develop activities of trading or professional nature, as well as his distribution, modification, alteration or descompilation. The infraction of any one of the quoted royalties can constitute a violation of the present conditions, as well as a crime contained at the Penal Code.



All the information referent at the treatment and the protection of the personal data, that are us facilitated, finds at our Politician of Privacy. The principal page of the Web has of a link to be able to access at the content of this Politician of Privacy. Also they can consult doubts at



All the information on the cookies in general and on which utilize at the Web in particular finds at our Politician of cookies. The principal page of the Web has of a link to be able to access at the content of the Politician of cookies.



The present conditions will interpret conformal at the Spanish valid legislation and European at the matter, that will apply in the alternative at everything what have not foreseen at the same. For the resolution of all the controversies or questions related with the Web or of the activities at him developed, will be applicable the Spanish legislation and valid European, at which subject expressly the SOCIETY and the users of Internet, with renunciation expresses at any one other, hears competent for the resolution of all the conflicts derived or related with his use the Courts and Girona’s Tribunals. Legal notice Politician of Political Privacy of Cookies