We are glad that you are holding an authentic Grapat piece in your hands.

We all know there are copies out there and sometimes it is hard to distinguish them from the original at first glance, but there are reasons that go beyond the superficial. Each piece of wood, each toy, holds the Grapat way of life within its veins.



With touch, you can grasp the gentle texture of the wood, still alive and warm. Wood that only comes from sustainable forests and is treated with the utmost respect and care throughout the whole process.



When you look at it, you can appreciate the beauty of the natural imperfections that make each piece unique. The colours that feed your emotions with a clear intention, without fear and judgement, and the shapes reminiscent of the worlds you once dreamed of, fantastic yet full of truth – for Grapat they are still worth dreaming of.


If you stop and listen, you may hear the meditative silence of our dyers carefully giving life to each piece with the utmost care and precision, or perhaps the noise and vibrations of the turner machines along with the distant chatter of our artisans at work, always perfecting their craft.



When you smell our creations, you can take in the aromas of the natural dyes and oils that have set into the wood, creating comforting notes of hope – for our planet and future generations.


If you want to taste it, you can do so without any problems, as all our pieces are 100% safe, natural and certified.



With the last and most important of the senses – intuition – you can understand the connection among all these notions and it becomes clear why buying the original is not only an act of respect towards the maker, more so it is an act of respect towards yourself, your children, your neighbors and the whole ecosystem you live in.


Since the days when Grapat was still forming as an idea, the original aim and purpose is not one of simply producing to consume – for us it has always been an act of respect, of giving back to the society, with the wish for every child to have a decent and respectful growth and development through a playtime that is sacred, open-ended, without preconception or expectations. Our aim is to give everyone the tools to grow as better humans, for a better tomorrow. In the same way, sustainability has never been something we implemented afterwards, it was the original reason that has led us to build and structure the company in such an organic and conscious way, with the human and environmental factor at heart.

The copycats do exactly the opposite, their goal is to feed off someone else´s concept selling it at lower, unsustainable prices, moved by greed, with the aim to make profit at the expense of people, planet and original values.

The bottom line is that we live and breathe in transparency – they operate hidden in the dark.

So thank you for buying an original Grapat product. Together we can BE-come the better, sustainable world we dream of.