June 7 2023 AUTHOR: grapat


Up to now, we have been exploring the connection between children and nature, but we work at the service of childhood at large, and our dream is to make the whole world a better place…Imagine a city where each and everyone would be welcomed with open arms. Where everyone has their own place. A happy place. In the cities everything they see becomes an opportunity to explore.

In May we have been talking about walks outside with our kids.

Since Lola (my daughter) was a little girl, every walk outside (no matter if it’s a day in the forest or the quick walk to the supermarket) turned into a treasure hunt. Now my “little girl“ turned into a teenager and Tomàs is the treasure hunter in our family. And once we arrive home and I start looking for my keys, my bag is filled with those little things that got a big meaning for my kids. Depending on where we went, my bag will tell you about this place. In the city my bag will be filled with a whole hardware store (from screws to bolts and all kinds of washers) and in nature depending on the season it seems more like a wildflower field or the hideout of a squirrel.

That is why, based on the premise: What’s in your mom – and dad’s, bags? We have encouraged mom -and dads, of course!- around the world to share the contents of their bags! And incredible things have come out. The best treasure hunters in the world!

[You can see the photos using this hashtag on Instagram: #grapatinmybag ☺️]