Let me tell you a secret: These little creatures were meant to look completely different. We had already decided on patterns and colours and then, when we wanted to start painting they just said no. Not a small „no“ but a very big „NO“! They had other plans. So as „no“ means „no“, we accepted. We left them in the workshop over night and when we came back in the morning this is what we saw. And I must admit, we could not have done a better job. Sometimes it’s more important to listen to each other and to let go than to stick to the original plan. This is how art happens. Give it a try yourself. I am sure you will be surprised.


Lie down in the grass and watch the sky. Do you feel the warm sun painting pictures on your face? Do you smell the summer? Do you feel the soft breeze that brushes lightly through the branches of the apple trees? Do you hear the bees buzzing in the flowers? Lift your hand and look at the pattern the sun and the leaves of the tree paint on your skin. And then get up and run. Dance through the meadow, climb the apple tree, smell the scent of its flowers, and celebrate life. This moment is like a butterfly, try to catch it, fly with it. Just a little time and the blossoms will turn into apples and the soft breeze into a storm.


Sometimes it’s raining for days and days, and the sky is grey and filled with heavy clouds. And no-one wants to go outside. But believe me, you should give it a try! Take your favorite people with you and wrap up in a cape and with waterproof boots. There are adventures waiting outside, these three little creatures can tell you a lot about it. Puddles to be jumped into, tiny streams appearing out of nowhere, mud that makes the funniest sounds, sticks that want to be stuck in the water, stones that want to be thrown, worms and snails and frogs and so much more. Head outside! I am sure you will share the love for autumn strolls with these little ones.


Have you seen the world waking up? Nature is dressing up, brushing away the last remains of winter, shining bright and fresh. What about doing the same? Bring the spring inside your home, pick some flowers (but leave enough for the insects), sort out your toys, clean your windows, craft some flowers and rainbows and bees, put on new bed sheets, wear this dress that feels like new because it was stored away all winter, try some (no need for new so take out)food you never tried before, talk to some kids you never talked to, start a new hobby or learn a new skill. Join in this dance of happiness and joy.


These little ones are a reminder of the warm sun. All spring and summer long they are busy buzzing around, from flower to flower, from blossom to blossom. Collecting and harvesting, working and rushing. They find the sweetest pollen and turn it into honey. It is the gold of summer they make. A golden treasure in the colour of the sun. When we eat it it tastes as sweet as the flowers and it makes us feel the warmth of the summer again. It is full of the energy they invested when making it. An elixir of life. The sun made into a snack. Let’s take good care for those bees and give back what they give to us.


These little ones have a secret to share with you. When it’s summer and VERY hot and you just need a little thing to cool down, try to make some watermelon ice. It is so simple and so refreshing. Just remove the green parts and slice the melon in the shape you want (I am sure your parents will help you with this part). Then add a stick to hold (you can make them yourself or use some ready mades from the store) and put it in the freezer. These little creatures are sure you will love watermelon as much as they do! And if you don’t have watermelon, you can of course try it with a lot of other fruits, too! Banana dipped in chocolate for example…


Do you know this feeling when you take a walk in the forest after the rain, and the sun peeks through the leaves? They are still heavy and wet, raindrops keep falling down from time to time and the sunlight is reflected in those drops? Do you know this silence? This is the moment where you can catch a glimpse of these little creatures. It’s their favorite kind of weather. They love showering in the falling drops, sliding on the wet leaves and lying in the moss with closed eyes while the rays of sunshine tickle their little faces. But shhh! If they hear one sound, they will be gone faster than you can breathe.


What is your favorite colour? And which ones do your parents like? What is your favorite food? And does your friend like the same? Do you like the same songs? Adore the same toy? Do you both like to ride your bikes? Or prefer to ride on a horse? Who else loves the same books that you love? Who is there for you when you are sad? Who is with you when you are happy? There are lots of differences we all have but also similarities. There are things we like about each other and things we dislike. But the most important is to stick together. Look at these little creatures: they may look the same, but if you look closer they are all different. But still belong together.


These three met when they were still tiny, when they just crawled out of their eggs. And even if they may look different, they feel the same. Sometimes it’s not important where you come from, who put the egg on the leaf. When you feel someone is family, then this someone is your family. And this chosen family is a treasure you should hold very close. And you know what? The longer you share your life with someone, the more similarities grow. Sometimes it’s the same hairdo, sometimes the same words being used, the same dish that becomes both of your favorite. Or it’s the favorite kind of colours, like in the case of these three littles.

#10 / CIRCUS

Did you ever wonder why your room looks different when you come back home (especially after a vacation)? It might be, that these little creatures took their chance and celebrated a huge party while you were away. They give everything for a little celebration, they love to sing and to act and to dance through the night. So once they realize that the stage is theirs, they decorate and send invitations to everyone they know. And maybe, just maybe they did put a thing or two in the wrong place afterwards. So if you find a sock in the middle of your building blocks or a toy car under your pillow, this is probably proof of the good times they had while you were heading out for adventures.


Did you ever walk through a meadow filled with all the flowers of the summer? If you ever do, close your eyes! Stand still and inhale. Your nose will be filled with the sweetest scents. And then listen. You will hear the flowers and grasses swish in the warm summer breeze, the bees buzzing and the crickets clittering. Feel the warmth on your skin. And when you open the eyes again, let your eyes wander. All the colours and shapes will make your heart jump in excitement. Don’t hold back anymore, join in this colorful dance and run. Dance and jump, be free and embrace the beauty of nature, embrace your own beauty.


These little ones live high up in the sky, somewhere three stars to theleft of the Milky Way. They love snuggling with the clouds, and riding falling stars is their absolute favorite. At night they are on the hunt for nightmares. The little creatures have a nose 7 times better than dog and can smell a nightmare from far distances. And if they find one, they weave a net made of stardust around the nightmare, which makes it soft and cozy and not scary anymore at all. When you wake up in the morning, don’t jump out of the bed, instead wait a little moment and observe your room. Do you see some glitter dancing in your room in the morning light? This may be the traces of their stardust!


I am very sure you know this already, but let me tell you that autumn is the time of the year, when all the creatures of the forest come out and play together. You may have already seen the mushrooms growing and popping everywhere in the forest. But if you look even closer, in silence and without moving, you will see that there is much more. Tiny dwarfs, little elves, fairies and pixies. They all are busy with harvesting and hugging, collecting and laughing, picking and cuddling. They prepare their pantries for winter and fill their hearts with love. And when winter arrives they are both full, the hearts and the pantries and they will live from these stores and memories when it’s frozen outside.


Did you know that every forest hassome sunny groves? There are little creatures tending those rare spots. They brush the grasses, plant tiny flowers and often even arrange a few big stones or fallen trees. They are the living rooms of the forest, the place where everyone loves to meet, to sit down for a while and to chat. Everyone is welcome there, just bring a blanket and a basket filled with treats. And when you sit there it won’t take long until some of the creatures living in the forest will come over to say hello. Some of them have wings, some have a shiny shell, some have fur. There are some with four legs, lots with 6 and a few that just crawl on their belly.


Did you hear the bells of spring ringing? Did you see King Winter wave goodbye to Mother Earth? Everything, everyone is waking up, stretching oneself, dressing up and heading out after the long winter. The world is all of a sudden filled with colours and with songs. Everyone is dancing. Everything is growing. Pure joy. Busy days. Find yourself a project too, make something, paint something, grow something, learn something. The world is yours, there are uncountable adventures awaiting. Colours to be matched, songs to be sung, dances to be danced and friends to be made.