September 20 2023 AUTHOR: grapat


Hello dear friends from all over the world!

The most magical and special time of the year is almost here, right?

And we come loaded with surprises!

This year, and following the success of last year, the second edition of Grapat’s Advent Calendar is coming!

And what will it include? Well, inside each small box, you’ll find traditions, ideas, and rituals with which our family and the families that surround us have grown up.

And if you like them, they might even become your next family traditions! How exciting!!

So, you can already imagine that there are surprises here and there!


We still can’t reveal all the magic that comes with us this year, but we can say that in addition to the Advent Calendar, with the new Happy Xmas catalogue, we have some other new proposals that we hope you can become very friendly with (for now, it’s all a secret. Spoilers on Instagram (enllaç a https://www.instagram.com/joguines_grapat/  ).


For us, this time that is approaching to Xmas is a time to create, cook, bake, and use our hands, but it is also a time to be together, reflect, contemplate, talk, and most importantly, listen to each other consciously. It’s a time to look inward, but also to express how much we love each other.


So thank you, thank you and thank you for being with us and for joining the magic.


Please, do not hesitate to show us your traditions and rituals as well. Share them with the hashtag #grapatadvent so that we can all learn from each other.

And remember, to not miss any information, please follow us on our social networks: Instagram (enllaç a https://www.instagram.com/joguines_grapat/ ) and Tik tok (enllaç a https://www.tiktok.com/@joguines_grapat ).


Sending love from our family to yours.

Grapat family.