Let’s Reuse textiles!

With Spring arriving, the air feels fresh and full of new energy, urging us to dust off our closets and give them a seasonal makeover. It’s the perfect time to go through our clothes, set aside what we no longer wear, and breathe new life into forgotten pieces.

A lovely way to reuse fabrics is by making a garland. Shirts, dresses, sheets, or curtains are excellent choices for this purpose. Cut them into strips of various lengths and widths, making the most of every piece.

Then, you can create a base for the garland using sturdy rope or thin cord and start tying the fabric strips along it, leaving a small space between each knot to create a fluid and delicate look.

You can also incorporate additional elements like flowers, buttons, or beads to add an even more personalized touch!

Our fabric garland will be ready to hang in any corner of our home. May this spring be a celebration of energy and sustainability!