desembre 8 2022 AUTOR: grapat


Sarah, a Berliner at heart with a wild soul, founded GRETAS SCHWESTER in 2014, a project stemmed from her love for Nature, childhood and adventures with the aim to create sustainable, handcrafted items out of fabric, enamel and paper, finished with hand-painted illustrations to inspire world-explorers big and small.

A few years back, Sarah went on to found GRETAS FREUNDE, her parallel children’s books publishing project. And as if their wonderful books were not enough, they have just launched a brand-new magazine called “Tiny Projects”, written in German and filled with uber-inspiring open-ended content, crafts and creative ideas for children.

To celebrate the launch of their new paper issue this December, containing a special interview with Casiana, we have teamed up with Sarah and her team to create a limited edition set to go with the first sold copies of the magazine.

We wish every success to Sarah and her team on this new venture, and if you would like to know more, here is the link to the website: