Art 19-209 Joguines Grapat 2
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Art 19-209 Joguines Grapat 2
Art 19-209 2019_grapat_Baixa-100 Joguines Grapat
Art 19-209 2019_grapat_Baixa-106 Joguines Grapat
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Art 19-2092019_grapat_Baixa-108 Joguines Grapat


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It contains 6 ladybugs 40mmø, 6 slug 52 mm long, 6 ants 44 mm long
Recommended age +36 months.
It includes textile bag with GOT Certificate fabric.

This Insects family allows children to create stories and Mini Worlds. There are no instructions or rules. The elements do not have a completely defined shape, and this allows the pieces to be converted into what children need to generate by their own game and adventure proposal.

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Article manufactured under the safety standard EN71

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