Art 19-207 2019_grapat_Baixa-2 Joguines Grapat
Art 19-207 Joguines Grapat
Art 19-207 Joguines Grapat 3
Art 19-207 2019_grapat_Baixa-4 Joguines Grapat
Art 19-207 2019_grapat_Baixa-41 Joguines Grapat
Art 19-207 2019_grapat_Baixa-70 Joguines Grapat
Art 19-207 2019_grapat_Baixa-72 Joguines Grapat
Art 19-2072019_grapat_Baixa-45 Joguines Grapat
Art 19-2072019_grapat_Baixa-65 Joguines Grapat
Art 19-207 Joguines Grapat


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It contains 18 Brots 70 mm high.
Recommended age +10 months.

Contains: 18 pieces in 6 colors that degrade in 3 ranges.
The Brots allow the child’s imagination to be flown, creating new play opportunities in each moment and in each story that is created, from animated characters to animals, through trees or any character that is allowed to imagine. This favors open play thanks to the versatility of the material.

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Article manufactured under the safety standard EN71

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