Almost all our collaborators are of proximity, because we believe that we must take care of the local producer. Our productive process is friendly with the people involved. We care about people. And they take care of us and they have a lot of patience!!

The wood we use comes from sustainable forests. We use beech and birch. Wood is the source that inspires us daily. It is robust, soft and hard, it is warm, it sounds good and it smells good.

The dyes are based on water and non-toxic that comply with the European safety regulations of the Toy EN / 71-3: 2014 + A1: 2014 / 2013. Working with dyes and not with acrylic paints allows us to continue having contact with the wood who is noble and kind. The drawing of the vein, its nuances and touches, its own characteristics. The dye does not jump from the wood when it falls to the ground or when time passes because it penetrates deep inside the piece. Sometimes it can happen that by an excess of pigments some piece loses some color when coming in contact with the saliva, no problem, they are absolutely safe and non-toxic.

We work the color with true affection, the tones, how they degrade, how they change. Color comes from nature and connects us to it: the seasons, the changes of climate, in the sunlight. In our materials yellow, or green never go alone, always go with their set, yellow just for us would not make sense. The color also connects us to the emotions and to all that happens to us inside.

Our workshop is located in the countryside, and being close to nature can make some tones and colours have variations. Depending on the humidity or if there is wind the dye can impregnate one way or another in the wood.

The finishes are made with waxes and oils of vegetable origin. The oils can have a strong aroma at first, but it loses it with the days. We love it! 

Each piece that passes through our hands is unique, each one is painted by hand, with our hands. And since from Grapat we defend the value of nature, we accept imperfection, it is beautiful and makes the material even more valuable.

If, with time, tapping in the wood appear, small crevices, it will indicate that the material has fulfilled its function, and from here we celebrate it. We ourselves are growing and some brands of life are appearing in our bodies, it is life itself.

The cloth bags that are included in some of the products come from big companies that discard material when they nd a small defect. As we produce them by hand we can take advantage of them by removing those defects and giving them a second life.
The fabrics vary and do not match with the photos of the products.

We collaborate with foundations that take care of people with psychic difficulties. They help us to develop packaging tasks.

We collaborate with groups in social exclusion and they collaborate with us helping us in the workshop.

All our materials comply with the safety regulations of the EN71-1-2-3 Toy 

Welcome to Grapat. And Happy Game!