Dear Grapat family,


The last few days have been a challenge for Grapat, our beloved company, as well as for us personally. None of us have ever experienced anything like this before, but we have done our best to remain hopeful despite feelings of fear, confusion, and isolation.


We decided to create a limited edition called ‘Celebrate life’ to say thank you to all our friends, family, followers and employees. Thank you for being a light for us through this long and dark night. Here we are again, full of hope, joy and creativity.


There are 2 Limited Edition versions, one is called HOPE and represents what has allowed us to keep going; and the other one is called JOY and represents the desire that we have to celebrate how world things are going better every day.


We will donate a part of the benefits to an association helping people affected by Corona virus.


We are very excited to show you our Limited Edition HOPE and JOY pictures.


HOPE Limited Edition


Joy Limited Edition


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Warm Regards,



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